GSOC 2013 Status: caching plugin week 12

Most of the work this week went into refactoring the code and polishing it further. I refactored quite a lot of code out of the main cache.c, and the code base is quite manageable now and is stabilizing. I found some bugs in the way and fixed them. The file caches now have a reference count for correctly resetting when there are some pending requests using the old file cache. The cache plugin deletes the file cache out of the table but lets the pending request use the original cache until they are served.

I also added more statistics this week to the webui and added 2  new real time graphs (well, they update every second for now ;)) The first one is the request served per second graph. I wanted to add this for quite some time and its landed now. Really useful to look at when stress testing the server. The other graph was the memory usage of the plugin used in pipes. I only focus memory used by pipes as the malloced memory is quite low.

I have also updated the README for more information about the api. Webui has also been polished, and works better for lower resolution devices like tablets. There was a bug in this regard with bootstrap 3.0 so reverted it back to the 2.3.

thats it for now, to try it out head on to the github project :




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