GSOC 2013 Status: caching plugin week 10

A webui has been added in the plugin to monitor the cache plugin. For now its pretty simple and just dumps the stats api every second. For now, the webui and the cache plugin json api is pretty simple, should evolve both of them at the same time now that things are all setup.

Basic mimetype support was also added. Monkey has functions to handle mime types in mk_mimetype.c but they are not exposed to plugins so I made a pretty simple mime type hander which looks into configs, for now picks up 10 mime types and looks them up for each file extention. The headers are cached so this only happens when the header cache is still cold/empty (for now only in the first request for a file).

The api now now has a path field for each cached file. I changed the api prefix from monkey-cache to just cache for now,  easier to develop with 🙂

To view the webui, just go to /cache/webui/index.html and watch the numbers change as you request different files in another window.

to view the raw  api go to /cache/stats

Other than that I have refactored a lot of code out of the main plugin_30 handler. And a few bugs have been fixed. One really nasty one was due to the logger plugin expecting the http status to be set, which was not the case the cache plugin had the headers cached and there was no need to set the status, it just had to dump the headers directly from memory. Its fixed now, the cache plugin always sets the http status code.



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