GSOC 2013 Status: caching plugin week 9

This week I had been thinking about how apis could fit in monkey cache. The plan is to add the apis and then build a web interface to see the statistics and controls right the browser (maybe updated after an interval or realtime in case of web sockets). I would probably need to add some authentication mechanism which still needs a little thought on but shouldnt be hard to add as a monkey http auth plugin is already in place and I could integrate it in.

I have added a json library to the project. I looked into json package in and used the library that it used namely cJSON. It was pretty lightweight and nice.

I have also added a simple filter for the path /monkey-cache/stats which dumps simple numbers for now about the current state of the monkey server. It lists all the file cached with inodes and their sizes. It also gives the size of the pipe used in the cached and the total amount of memory consumed with pipes (which is the only significant footprint of the plugin) which includes files, cached headers and temporary request files.

For now thats all, hope I can increase my pace even further from the following week as I am leaving for my hometown from university as my exams are over and should work there with basically no distraction what so ever.


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