GSOC 2013 Status: caching plugin week 8

This week I polished the http header caching in the cache plugin. It works pretty well with both http pipe lining. For small files now a separate pipe is created with cached header data along with other file data. Currently the life of the cache is infinite, but its shouldnt be hard and I would start to add limits such that they are configurable along with other parameters like max file size for files, pipe sizes etc. 

Now the header data and the initial file data live in the same pipe which is a bit more efficient than last time where header and file contents were put in a temporary pipe once and then were flushed.

My last exam was finished today (main reason why  the weekly progress got delayed), should now pick up the pace of the project even further from now on. Hope to get the initial json api implementation out along with a simple web ui to accompany it by next week. Also want to add configuration support for all the static parameters in the codebase.


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